Build your Tribal Knowledge Space with RECQA

RECQA is a platform that preserves collective knowledge so that organisations can connect and align people, processes, and best practices. RECQA acts as a centralised, searchable knowledge-based repository for team members to share their learnings and other relevant information and contribute to the organisation's collective intelligence.

Why Choose RECQA

RECQA aims to resolve the challenges in accessing collective intelligence within an organisation. In this age, news articles, blogs, whitepapers, case studies and all forms of digital media (video,audio and infographics) are published at an exponential rate. Today, we share them through various social media, chat groups, emails or shared folders. This creates silos of shared knowledge making it hard to search and lost in the sea of chatters and distracting or irrelevant information.

Knowledge is every organisations biggest strategy advantage

RECQA allow everyone in organisation has access and engages with knowledge they need to do they best work, no matter where, when, or how they're working.

Preservation of Tribal Knowledge

RECQA provides access to a single source of qualified and verified content, helping organisations to preserve tacit knowledge and expertise espcially when people leave the team.

Democratisation of Information Hierarchy

RECQA allow organisations to democratise information by eliminating information hierarchy, where knowledge could be crowdsourced and evaluated openly.

Do more with centralised knowledge. Build your tribal knowledge space with RECQA now.

While building a knowledge base which can be accessed is important, making it easy and fun to share knowledge is equally important. This is where RECQA is unique. Allowing users to easily and quickly post, save, rate and comment on shared knowledge is where we believe a typical knowledge base solution lacks. RECQA features :

Fully Responsive
Clean & Modern Design
Intuitive Dashboard
Great User Experience

How it works

To get started with RECQA is very easy. Once your Administrator has grant permission to enter, just follow these steps for your journey towards awesome collective intelligence experience

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Our Main Features

With fully customisable back-end, RECQA allows organisations to set-up and begin their collective intelligence effort easily. Structuring and managing knowledge is effortless with RECQA as resources are categorised and tagged accordingly by the contributors, thus allowing for time saving in searching and retrieval of information.


Fully costumisable Admin Panel

Manage users, categories, resources, rewards and points system

Mentoring Module

Connect with an Expert, book a mentoring session with full integration with Google Calendar and Google Meet


To incentivice sharing & learning

Share Resource

Share URL links, upload image images & documents, write notes or ask questions, your choice!

Search & Filter

Search resource by keywords, hashtags or use the filter button

Create Connection

Use Ask Me button to connect with people in the organisation

Our Pricing Plans

Choose the right plan for your tribe:


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Per User

1 community

Ask Me and Mentoring Module

Content reporting and analytics

2 TB Storage


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Per User

1 community

Ask Me and Mentoring Module

Public Content

Content reporting and analytics

5 TB Storage


Contact Us

Per User

Multiple communities

Ask Me and Mentoring Module

AI-driven search

Auto taging & auto filtering*

Content reporting and analytics

Public Content

Whitelabel URL

Unlimited Storage

What Our Client Say

Our company lacked the processes and technology needed to capture and share formal training documents, best practices and collective knowledge with our unit trust agents. We glad we found RECQA

Puan Moyra

Co-Founder, ECS Financial Planner